Ten fabulous reasons to wear a wig

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We love wearing wigs or ” faux hair accessories” and there are plenty of reasons why we do. Below I have listed 10. See how many resonate with you my fabulous friends!!

 1. It eliminates bad hair day, you can look fabulous every day.

2.  Medical reasons. There are various medical conditions that mean that you need to cover your scalp.

3. A wig is a fabulous alternative to your real hair.They are ecommical, wigs start from £25 which is at least a third of a cost of a trip to the salon.

4.  A great time saver you can look great in minutes. No lengthy hairdressing appointments sitting in a chair watching the hours slip by.

5. Low maintenance, wigs need minimal up keep, just follow the manufacturers recommendations for care and washing. Simple!

6.  They are pain free there are no strong chemicals to “burn” or hurt your scalp.

7.  You can change your hair colour and style instantly. If you want to have black with red streaks then brown or blonde it can all be done in minutes. Be a different colour every day why not. 25DD743500000578-2971761-image-m-15_1425031859196

8.  Complete flexibility  you can wear a wig everyday or just occasionally. It is up to you.

9.  It respects your natural hair, you can keep your natural hair braided underneath and covered with a wig cap. Then go natural whenever you want.

10.  You can look fabulous all day it looks as good at 8pm as it did when you put it on at 8am.

Lets keep being fabulous with a wig.

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