Styling You FabulousDiscover the Fabulistic You!

  • Are you a woman of colour?
  • Do you struggle to find your true style identity?
  • Do you have problems finding make-up in the correct shades and tones?
  • Have you experienced frustration when buying wigs?


As an experienced Stylist I know that for many women the most fundamental aspect of feeling good about ourselves comes from the confidence of knowing we look great. The combination of good-looking hair, flawless make-up and clothes that suit our lifestyle and personality create that poised, self-assured women we see in the mirror.

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Personal Styling Services

You can choose bespoke personal styling for your wigs, total transformation with highly effective skincare and beauty-enhancing make-up or take advantage of a top-to-toe service that provides you with all the tools you will ever need to confidently choose and wear figure flattering clothes.

Discover how you can be Fabulistic!





Kathleen is the most stylish woman I know. I have learned a lot from her in a fun, positive and encouraging way. She leads by example and has taught me to dress for your shape, and not to be afraid of colour. Look, listen and learn from her. Be Fabulous!                        
Dr Mary Lou Hanley