Seasons Greetings

FB_IMG_1481129039080Christmas season has arrived, are your decorations up yet? I know that this a question some of us hate but if you are like me, its a question I love. The answer is of course yes!!  Its never too early, even in November. Its a lovely time of  the year even without excited cute kids counting down the days before the big day.

Everything about Christmas excites me, choosing gifts, putting up the decorations, inside and out. You have to share  the love of course. Everything is looking so bright and sparkly and this is just how I like it. Of course getting together with family and friends and the sparkly environment makes this a fabulous time of the year.

Now with all this joy and love comes another very important part of the season and that is what to wear. What is your own personal Christmas style? What are you going to wear on the big day?

Im sure like me you are busy Christmas morning or feeling a bit tired from pre Christmas socialising. However you must greet Christmas morning looking your absolute best, it is a special day and worth dressing up for.

Choose your colour, its one of easiest times to be on trend colour wise. Red, Gold,Green,Silver and of course sparkly.

Red is a great colour for winter it looks warm and brightens up any Christmas day. A great alternative to black. Im sure  you have looked beautiful in your black party outfits, but this is the time when colour is definitely needed. Even if you are the hostess for the day and you have been stuck in the kitchen. Still find time to dress up as your guests will appreciate that you are looking great. Nothing worse than going into the home of a hostess who is covered in bread sauce and with her apron still on uuggh!!

If you’re the guest, its a great compliment to the host that you have put thought into what you’re wearing. If you pull on the first thing that fell out your wardrobe and look like you cant be bothered, that is exactly what your host will see. Come on give it some thought, this is the most Fabulistic time of the year


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