Kathleen Hodis | Fabuslitic Styling You FabulousHello, my name is Kathleen

I have always been interested in fashion and style and, like many others, I have experimented with things that have not worked (unfortunately I still have the photographs to prove it!) But over the years, working on my own style – and then at the request of friends and family – I realised I had ‘something’. That something is the ability to work with women of colour to guide them through the maze of what works and what does not work in terms of wigs, make-up and clothes that flatter and enhance.

As a woman of colour I know the issues women like me face every day; managing our hair, our wigs, our make-up and our clothes. That’s why I began my current career as a Stylist by working with the wonderful make-up and skincare products of Mary Kay.

While working with women on their make-up I would often be asked “So, how should I wear my hair? Could you recommend a wig for me?” This led to developing an expertise in wig styling. But it didn’t stop there …

Once my clients had their new make-up look and their new wig it was “I am off to a wedding in a few weeks; what shall I wear?” This meant spending time with my clients shopping to find the perfect outfit for their special occasion; an outfit that would suit their budget and truly compliment their personality and flatter their figure.

Hey Presto, by amassing all of that knowledge, experience and expertise I am now a Stylist.

It is my mission in life to introduce as many women as possible to the fantastic world of clothes, style and make up out there. So, let’s explore it together and Style You Fabulous!

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Kathleen is the most stylish woman I know. I have learned a lot from her in a fun, positive and encouraging way. She leads by example and has taught me to dress for your shape, and not to be afraid of colour. Look, listen and learn from her. Be Fabulous!                        
Dr Mary Lou Hanley