A deeper shade of winter or autumn

A deeper shade of autumn or winter

Autumn is on it’s way we have just finished the glorious Indian summer. As the days start to be a little cooler so do my legs. I have had them out over the past few months but now its time to cover up.

It’s not cold enough yet to get into those  lovely , cosy 40 denier thick tights. So what what is needed is something much lighter and sexier. A pair of 10 or 15 denier flesh toned tights of course.

Now for ladies with darker skin tones this has always been a bit tricky. The choice in the High Street is poor ” huge understatement”. I have however recently done some research in this area and have found that there are products available, but you will have to venture further than the local high street.

Definitely can’t snag your tights on the way to work and expect to pop into any newsagents and buy a replacement pair. Just aint gonna happen!!! Now back to my research. There are two products that I have found that I absolutely have to share with you.

Marks and Spencers do a lovely sheer 7 denier pair of tights. But  with such a low denier you have to be continually aware of how delicate they are. Treat them with the same care you would give to a new born baby and you will get plenty of wear out of them. Follow the care instructions always. They are an absolute must for a special occasion like a wedding or THAT interview.20150616_091921

The shade I chose is called Cocoa they cost £6.00 a pair. They look and feel delicious! Pardon the pun. Only available in larger stores and online.

My other find are from John Lewis and my favourite everyday tights. My shade is Sable, I am loving the names for the shades!!. These are so comfortable and Sable is the darkest shade I have found so far. All the tights have  small swatches on the shelves so you can you have a little test first.

They are also great value too £5.00 for 3 pairs  available from John Lewis Department stores which are not on your high street. Also available on line of course and can be delivered to Waitrose stores. So that’s nearly on the High Street.20150615_153302

There are other brands of lingerie that offer a range for darker skin tones that are available on line. My challenge was for the High Street.

Take a look at my legs in these tights. Would love to know what you think. I do have a fabulous head but just out of shot.

































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